The following are uploads in MP4 containers and encoded in h.264 format, designed with streaming in mind.

The following in-browser video service uses these files for its source.

Download for Westworld movie (1973) Download for Futureworld movie (1976)

The following videos are in MKV containers and encoded in h.265 format, designed with compression and data convervation in mind.

Download Blade Runner: 2049 Download the original Blade Runner Download Inception (2010) Just as a word of warning, some media players may not support h.265 yet as it is a very new standard, I would suggest using the latest version of VLC to ensure the video is viewable.

The following files are links to the stuff Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri (2017).mkv The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017).mkv The Foreigner (2017).mkv

If you have an internet connection slower than 5 mbps, please refrain from watching online, it won't be the best quality. Download it instead. The files are in MP4 containers, which is readable by most video programs, but if you are having any troubles you can always use VLC instead.
There shouldn't be any problems with the internet connection coming from the server, since it is hosted at AWS. Any problems you are having, are probably your own.